Personal Training

Personal Training

Anisa is a specialized online Private Fitness Trainer, training clients nationwide whether their at home, at work, or traveling via Anisa’s training vault.

Personal Training

All you need is space – you don’t even need a gym. Anisa primarily uses only bodyweight exercises and medicine balls to achieve optimal results, no heavy weights or insane soreness! You’ll be shocked by its simplicity but It Works every time!!!

Anisa’s fortes are full-body training for daily activities, post-injury / illness rehab exercise, bodyweight strength, and weight loss.

If you’re ready for either a small simple change or a lifestyle transformation, training with Anisa is for YOU!

Her passion is in listening to her client’s dreams and goals and giving them the straightforward path to get there filled with enthusiasm, guidance, support, persistence, and Victory!

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Denver, Colorado USA

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Mon – Fri | 7:00am – 6:00pm

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